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Work-Related Accident Claim

There are many circumstances in which a workplace accident can be caused by an employer´s negligence and lead to a work-related accident compensation claim. Irrespective of whether you work in a shop, office, factory or warehouse, an employer has a legal obligation under the regulations contained in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act to provide a safe environment for you to work in and protect you from the possibility of accidents and injuries. Even with accidents caused by tiredness and fatigue, your employer still has a responsibility for your safety.

There are multiple reasons for accidents happening. In these times of economic uncertainty, your employer may have cut corners with safety checks and maintenance of equipment, may not have replaced protective clothing as often as he should, or may not have the resources to make risk assessments and provide adequate training for you to comply with the correct health and safety procedures. He may just be a bad employer.

A work-related accident compensation claim can result from any of these factors, and whenever you suffer an accident at the workplace, your primary concern should be that of your health. Many companies will have first aid provisions on site or, where your accident is of a serious nature, will call an ambulance to attend you. Whatever injuries you sustain, and no matter how slight you believe them to be, your work-related accident compensation claim needs to be supported by your medical records and the relevant entry in your employer´s “Accident Report Book”. So it is always in your best interests to seek a precautionary medical examination before making a work-related accident compensation claim.

Making a Work-Related Accident Compensation Claim

Making any work-related accident compensation claim is best done with the assistance of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor. A solicitor will be more familiar with the procedures and pitfalls for a work-related accident compensation claim, and can ensure that you receive a fair and adequate amount of compensation for the physical and emotional trauma you have suffered. Furthermore, using a solicitor will lessen the potential for an awkward workplace confrontation in the event that your employer takes offence at you suing him for damages.

We have established a free advice telephone service which will enable you to find out more about the benefits of using a solicitor when making a work-related accident compensation claim and will enable you to ask questions about your entitlement to claim. We offer helpful and accurate advice – without obligation from you – and all calls to our free advice telephone service are completely confidential.

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When you call our free advice service, you will be speaking directly with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor, familiar with work-related accident compensation claims. We will ask you to tell us how your accident happened, what injuries you sustained and what you believe could (should) have been done to prevent your accident.

We would also like to know how your accident has affected your quality of life, ability to work or if you are still undergoing medical treatment. We will answer any questions that you would like to ask throughout our conversation, and if you are unsure about any points which are raised, please do not hesitate to stop us and request more information.

We understand that you could be going through a whole range of emotions when you call us – anger, depression and pain due to your injury, or bewilderment and apprehension because you are now in the position where you feel it necessary to sue your employer. Please be assured that we will make the whole experience of talking with a solicitor easy and stress-free.

We will, wherever possible, make a preliminary assessment of your claim, advise you whether we believe you have a work-related accident compensation claim which we believe is worth your while to pursue and how long this may take to process. Often, your employer´s insurance company may approach you with an offer of early settlement and, if this happens to you, we are prepared to intervene and negotiate a fair and adequate settlement on your behalf.

Irrespective of the advice we offer, you are under no obligation to proceed with a work-related accident compensation claim having spoken to us. Many clients find that having a few days to absorb the information we offer and discuss their options with friends and family can be productive and put their minds at rest before proceeding with a claim. This is just part of the courteous service that we provide.

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