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Do you need a workplace solicitor in Ireland, to handle your workplace injury compensation claim?

In Ireland you do not need to engage a workplace solicitor to submit a compensation claim to the Injuries Board, who do the initial assessment. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people choose to do so because without a workplace claim solicitor you are at a distinct disadvantage.

Most people, having no experience of personal injury cases, have no idea if the assessment handed down by the Injuries Board is fair or not.  Often, without the advice of an experienced solicitor, they accept a far smaller sum than they were entitled to for their level of pain and suffering.

In addition, the Respondent (the organisation or person against whom you are bringing the claim) is not obliged to accept the Injuries Board assessment. If the assessment is rejected, your case will then be heard in the High Court unless a solicitor can help you to settle with your employer’s insurance company.

Engaging a workplace solicitor from the outset ensures that you know what level of compensation you should be looking for, and that you are well prepared should your case go to court.

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Advice from a Workplace Solicitor

 1. Keep Your Medical Records Updated

In every injury case, your first priority is your own health. If you have suffered an injury at work you may be contractually obliged to attend the workplace doctor for an examination. You should also make an appointment with your own doctor to ensure your medical records are updated.

Not all workplace injuries manifest themselves immediately; back pain, joint strain and respiratory illness are all things that can appear initially mild and then worsen in the weeks following the initial workplace exposure to harm.

2. Don’t Wait Too Long After an Accident to Make a Claim

You have two years from the accident in which to bring your workplace injury compensation claim but in all cases, you would be better not to delay.  Especially in a work environment, the other workers – potential witnesses may move on. Whether they resigned, moved to a different site or got fired they may be hard to track down later if you need any witness corroboration for your accident.

Also, the work environment may have changed considerably. Perhaps there is a new man in at the top since the day you had your accident. He may have brought in big changes to address a previously sloppy safety system. If the negligent culture that prevailed when you had your accident has long gone, it may not be easy to prove it ever existed.

Engaging a solicitor at the earliest stage insures that by the time your case goes to court, he will have prepared statements for all witnesses and collected all the medical, police and actuarial reports necessary to prove your case.

3. Not All Workplace Injury is Sudden Impact

While many workplace injuries are the result of a fall, trip, slip or being struck with a falling object, there are other types of injury that only emerge over time.

Industrial deafness, repetitive strain injury and stress-related mental illness are all caused after repeated and long term exposure. These cases do not have a specific start date but will only get worse over time if the stressor or damaging factor is not removed.

If you have been diagnosed with any disease that is the result of an unhealthy work environment, you will be entitled to compensation.

All workers have the right to a safe workplace and all employers have a duty of care to protect their workers from harm.  Nevertheless every year there is a very long list of injuries caused by all manner of unsafe practises, lack of training, poorly maintained machinery or work premises, chemical spillages, bullying or harassment.

Your physical and mental health are vital to your enjoyment of life and ability to earn a salary to support your family. If you have been injured at work, you are entitled to compensation.

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