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Man Awarded Car Crash Head Injury Compensation in High Court

Posted: August 14th, 2012

A man who sustained serious injuries when a car crashed into him head-on has been awarded 1.3 million Euros car crash head injury compensation by the High Court.

Peter Fagan (32) of Consilla, Dublin, was driving from Dublin to Navan on the evening of May 2nd 2005, when a car driven by Nora Daly crossed onto the wrong side of the road and crashed straight into his vehicle. Daly was killed instantly in the crash and Peter was rushed to hospital, where he required emergency surgery to attend to a significant closed head injury.

Mr Justice Cross at the High Court heard that Peter had made significant physical progress since the accident, but suffered from a personality disorder as a result. The judge was also told that Peter was studying for a Master´s degree which would have enabled him to find valuable employment in engineering.

As liability for the car accident was not disputed, the car crash head injury claim was before Mr Justice Cross for the assessment of damages only. After hearing that Peter had not suffered from a personality disorder before the accident, the judge commented that Peter would have likely progressed in his career.

Stating that “Mr Fagan had made a remarkable physical recovery from serious and potentially life-threatening physical injuries, which themselves would entitle him to significant compensation”, the judge awarded Peter  1.38 million Euros in car crash head injury compensation, with 1.1 million Euros of the award in special damages to account for loss of earnings and past and future medical expenses.

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