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Airline Work Injury

€150,000 Ryanair Accident Compensation for Girl (8)

Posted: May 30th, 2019

An eight-year-old girl who sustained second-degree scald burns after a cup of hot chocolate fell onto her lap during a Ryanair flight has settled her High Court action for €150,000 flight injury compensation.

At the time of the accident American citizen Sriya Venkata Neti was on board a Ryanair flight which was travelling from Rome to Krakow, Poland accompanied by her parents. When she was taking a sip of the hot chocolate the hot liquid and the paper cup dropped on to her lap.

A medical report submitted to court claimed that the hot liquid pooled on the seat causing significant burning pain and the Sriya’s mother had to remove her from her seat belt and take off her clothing. Her mother said that her daughter’s skin that was burned was gone and blisters were forming in other areas and the child was crying due to the pain.

Now 11 years old Sriya Venkata Neti, who lives in Freemont, California, took the legal action via her father Srinivas Neti against Ryanair in relation to the incident that occurred on the Rome Krakow flight on June 25, 2016. Ryanair refuted all the claims that were made.

Hugh Mohan SC, representing Sriya, advised the court that this was a very unusual incident as, under the Warsaw Convention, if a passenger on an international flight can show that bodily injuries were caused by an accident, an unexpected or unusual event that is outside of the passenger’s control, then the passenger is not required to show negligence or fault as against the airline.

An affidavit submitted to the court by the girl’s father Srinivas Neti informed the court that the scarring has now improved. It went on to say that Sriya has made a good recovery and the condition of her injuries has improved.

In approving the Ryanair compensation settlement Mr Justice Kevin Cross said when Sriya was burned she must have suffered a great deal of pain. He also took in to account that the family now wanted to get on with their lives and to put the incident in the past.

Aer Lingus Flight Attendant Seeks Compensation for Rough Landing

Posted: November 14th, 2015


A flight attendant, who works with Aer Lingus, has gone to Dublin’s High Court with her claim for compensation for injuries she sustained during a landing.


The incident occurred when Cassandra Reddin was working on a flight from Malaga to Dublin on the 19th November 2009. During the descent into Dublin Airport, the Airbus 320 began swaying from side-to-side, and upon hitting the tarmac the aircraft bounced and took longer than usual to stop.


The roughness of the landing had jolted the overhead lockers, where hand-held luggage is stored during the flight, to open and fall on top of frightened passengers, who had begun screaming with terror. Ms Reddin, from Ratoath in Co. Meath, told Mr Justice Michael Hanna in the High Court that “Safety documents shot out of their pockets; duty free broke in the overhead baggage and alcohol leaked into the cabin. There was a degree of chaos and stress on board.”


Ms Reddin informed the court that the violent landing had caused her emotional and physical trauma, saying that she was shocked into crying the entire evening upon returning home. Additionally, she claimed that she had suffered injuries similar to those seen in whiplash to her back and neck. As such, she sought legal counsel before she decided to make her claim for compensation against her employer, Aer Lingus.


The company refuted the claim, contesting her claim that the rate of landing was three of four times faster than what it should have been. They also disputed her claim that the co-pilot was negligent in his duties, saying that he did not fail to oversee the landing. When Ms Reddin applied to the Injuries Board for compensation, Aer Lingus did not give their permission for the assessment to proceed.


The case will now proceed to the Four Courts.


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