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Compensation Claim for Soldier´s Loss of Hearing Settled Out of Court

Posted: July 6th, 2012

A former soldier, who had to leave the armed forces due to suffering a hearing injury, is to receive compensation for soldier´s loss of hearing after an out of court settlement was agreed between his solicitors and the Ministry of Defence.

Michael Lee (26) had joined the armed forces in 2003 when he was eighteen and had fully intended to be a career soldier until age forty. However, in 2009 the Lance Corporal was found to have permanent bilateral hearing loss of 15dB and downgraded for promotional purposes. He was discharged from the armed services in 2011.

After deciding to seek legal advice, Michael made a claim for soldier´s loss of hearing compensation as, he alleged in his claim, his injury was attributable to excessive levels of noise at prolonged drum and bugle practice between 2004 and 2008.

The Ministry of Defence admitted liability for Michael´s injury and a settlement (negotiated) of compensation for soldier´s loss of hearing was agreed to account for Michael´s relatively young age, his loss of future earnings and pension, and future expenses related to hearing aids.

The award of 300,000 pounds is in line with other recent settlements for compensation for soldier´s loss of hearing, including Charles Bradlaugh (22) – who received 330,000 pounds after suffering a hearing injury on a practise exercise in which ear plugs were not provided in 2004.

Soldier Hearing Loss Compensation Award of 40,000 Pounds Made

Posted: June 25th, 2011

A young soldier, whose hearing was permanently damaged during a training exercise, has been awarded 40,000 pounds soldier hearing loss compensation by the Ministry of Defence in an out-of-court settlement.

Liam Bell (20) from Morecambe, Lancashire, was taking part in an exercise at the Catterick Garrison in Yorkshire with the 2nd Battalion, Duke of Lancaster´s Regiment when the incident happened.

Provided with only one ear plug due to a shortage of safety equipment, Liam was exposed to a high level of noise generated by grenade explosions and light machine gun fire. As he was just a new recruit at the time, Liam did not question the provision of just one ear plug and did as he was told.

Liam, who now has the hearing equivalent to that of an 80 year old, claimed in an action against the Ministry of Defence that he had not been advised of the dangers posed by a high volume of noise, and will permanently experience a buzzing in his ear which prevents him from sleeping and which affects conversations with friends.

The Ministry of Defence accepted liability for Liam´s hearing injury, and agreed on a 40,000 pounds out of court compensation settlement.

Paralysed Policeman Receives 2.5 Million Pounds for Cycling Crash

Posted: June 21st, 2011

A former metropolitan policeman, who sustained crippling spinal damage when cycling into barriers placed around electrical road work, has been awarded 2.5 million pounds in personal injury compensation at London´s High Court.

Alexander Kotula (27) from London Colney, Hertfordshire, was cycling by Park Street in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, in April 2006 when he fell into barriers placed around electrical work that was being done in the street by EDF Energy Networks PLC and their contractors – subsequently ricocheting back into the path of an oncoming lorry.

The crash with the lorry left Alexander with devastating spinal injuries that mean he will unlikely to ever walk again, but it was alleged in a claim for personal injury compensation that the utilities company was responsible for Alexander´s injuries due to negligent way in which they failed to maintain a passageway through the works.

Judge Simon Brown QC at the High Court was told that EDF Energy Networks PLC and their contractors were conducting the works alongside a busy road, with no advanced warning to pedestrians or cyclists and no safety zone between the barriers surrounding the work and passing traffic.

EDF Energy Networks PLC admitted a breach of duty to protect road users from injury and Judge Brown awarded Alexander a lump sum payment of 2.5 million pounds lump sum, with annual index-linked payments of 30,000 pounds to meet the cost of his care and 16,000 pounds per year to compensate for Alexander´s loss of earnings until retirement age.

Policeman Awarded 12,000 Pounds Police Officer Compensation

Posted: May 10th, 2011

A West Midlands policeman, who was injured in the process of apprehending a criminal, has been awarded 12,000 pounds in police officer injury compensation by a Birmingham Employment Tribunal.

Richard Gardner (50) from Birmingham, West Midlands, was struggling to arrest a suspect at the city’s Broad Street Station, when he fell to the ground – damaging his knee and back. Despite several operations and a protracted period of time away from the police force, he was unable to go on with his duties on his return to work, and was laid off.

After seeking legal advice, Mr Gardner sued the West Midlands Police Force for failing to provide back-up when called for during the arrest and for not making adjustments for his injuries after his return to work.

The police opposed the police officer injury compensation claim but, at the Birmingham Employment Tribunal, Mr Gardner was awarded 12,000 pounds in work injury rights compensation and a further 93 pounds for interest dating back to 2008.

Issues over future loss of earnings and lost pension contributions will be decided when the tribunal meets next in

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