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Man to Receive Workplace Injury Compensation for Slip and Fall from Roof

Posted: May 6th, 2014

A County Wicklow man is to receive €1.5 million injury compensation for a slip and fall from a roof after the settlement of his workplace injuries claim was approved at the High Court.

Paul O´Brien from Glenealy in County Wicklow was in the first day of a new job on 18th July 2012, after years of being unemployed due to the collapse of the construction industry. Paul had acquired a four-month contract to work on the high-pitch roof of a house in Bray and, as it started to rain, Paul went to a ladder leant up against the side of the building to descend from the roof .

However, as fifty-year-old Paul put his weight onto the ladder, it slipped on wooden decking it had been stood upon, and Paul fell to the ground – suffering a violent blunt force head trauma, due to which he suffered brain damage and now only has a short-term memory which will prevent him from ever working again.

Paul made a claim for workplace injury compensation for a slip and fall from a roof through his wife – Sandra – against the employer who had offered him the short-term contract – Sean Lyons of Clondalkin, Dublin. In his action Paul claimed that Lyons had failed to provide suitable scaffolding or work at height protection in order that he had a safe environment in which to work.

Paul also claimed that the ladder he was supplied with was in an unsafe condition, that it had not been securely tethered to the side of the building, and that the combination of an unsafe and unsecured ladder placed on slippery wooden decking had resulted in a dangerous workplace hazard.

A €1.5 million settlement of injury compensation for a slip and fall from a roof was negotiated out-of-court by Paul and Sandra´s solicitors; however because of the nature of Paul´s injury – and due to a claim being made on his behalf – the settlement had to first be approved by a judge before the claim could be closed.

Consequently, in the High Court, Ms Justice Mary Irvine heard the circumstances of Paul´s workplace accident and that Sandra had taken a two-year sabbatical from her own job to look after her husband. The judge was told that a €1.5 million settlement of injury compensation for a slip and fall from a roof had been agreed upon, and that the family were satisfied with the offer.

The judge approved the settlement – although not before commenting that it was a good one in the circumstances due to the possibility of contributory negligence being a factor if the claim had proceeded to court. The judge then closed the hearing, after expressing her sympathy for the O´Brien family.

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