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Irish Rail and Luas Record Over 100 Tram Surfing Incidents Since 2014

Posted: December 3rd, 2018

It has been reveal than in excess of 110 incidents of tram or train “surfing” have been recorded by Irish Rail and on Luas services since 2014.

The dangerous activity hit the headlines in October when 20-year-old Rebecca Kelly received €550,000 in compensation after suffering a severe brain injury after clinging on to a Luas carriage. Ms Kelly fell back onto the tracks and banged her head on the ground before some people dragged her out of the way of an oncoming tram.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that there have been 35 cases of tram surfing on Luas services in the past four years. On the Green Line that travels from Dublin City Centre to South Co Dublin recorded incidents have been more sporadic. There were none recorded in 2015 but then there were 13 throughout 2016.

Spokeswoman for Transdev, which operates both lines, Ms Dervla Brophy said the incidents of tram surfing are low. She stated: “Tram surfing can be fatal. We have had a very small number of incidents of people trying to ‘scut’ and all staff are trained to be vigilant, observe and report. The public have reported [cases] too. Any activity or even potential concern that is reported – trams will be stopped, security and or gardai called. The risk of serious injury is very high.”

She added: “We show CCTV of various incidents that have occurred along the lines. The purpose is to request parents know where their kids are and if they are on the lines, they’re aware just how dangerous their playground might be.”

A separate Freedom of Information request has lead to Irish Rail releasing figures detailing 87 incidents of train surfing since 2016. Of the incidents recorded in the last 36 months, twelve were on the Northern commuter route connecting Dublin and Dundalk. The incidents in question occurred exclusively on the Dart service.

Irish Rail spokesperson Barry Kenny said: “On board staff, station staff and security personnel are vigilant in ensuring we respond with security or garda support. Extra security patrols this year are yielding a reduction in the number of incidents.”

Irish Rail said it had modified the original Dart fleet of 76 carriages during refurbishment to make headlight units more difficult to grasp onto.

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