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Office Worker Injury Compensation for MoD Health and Safety Neglect

Posted: March 29th, 2011

A civil servant, injured when a lift at the Ministry of Defence centre in Feltham went into free-fall, has been awarded 16,500 pounds in an out-of-court office worker injury settlement.

Velma Williams (61) had been employed at the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Defence Geographic Centre in Feltham as a security operator for 22 years. In June 2009, she and a colleague entered one of the building’s elevators on the third floor which fell out of control, causing Ms Williams to suffer serious knee and whiplash injuries.

Ms Williams had to take two months off of work due to an operation on her knee injury and, on her return, started to suffer panic attacks whenever using the lifts. A report into the incident revealed that the lift had previously been reported 43 times, but had never been replaced.

After taking legal guidance, Ms Williams made a personal injury compensation claim against the MoD, claiming that they had a responsibility to ensure that the lift was in good working order. The MoD accepted liability and the settlement of 16,500 pounds was agreed.

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