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Pallet Accident Compensation for Slip Awarded to Women

Posted: December 20th, 2012

A woman, who suffered soft tissue damage to both ankles in a loading bay accident, is to receive €37.000 in pallet accident compensation for a slip at work.

Katrin Weiss was employed as an Operations Manager for a window frame and door manufacturer Bereco Ltd when her accident happened early last year.

While she was covering for a colleague who was absent through illness, Katrin ensuring that a delivery was dispatched on time. Most of the packed pallets for delivery had been loaded onto the truck, but a number of bundles of handles and frames remained to be shipped.

As she was reaching for these, Katrin had to walk over another pallet. The other palled had its edges concealed by a sheet of plywood and, as Katrin made her way back down, she slipped on the edge of the pallet and fell – badly injuring one ankle and suffering severe ligament damage in the other.

Katrin was taken to the hospital where medical staff fixed two screws into her ankle to try and stabilise the ankle injury. Despite this, the ligaments failed to heal and Katrin had to undergo two further operations before a metal frame was implanted into her foot in December 2011 to make her mobility easier.

After seeking legal advice, Katrin filed a claim for pallet accident injury compensation for a slip on a pallet at work, claiming that in addition to her injury she had been inflicted with a five-and-a-half-inch scar on her leg, had suffered a serious loss of amenity during her recovery and had been unable to return to work for fifteen months after the accident. There is also a strong chance that Katrin will suffer a degenerative form of arthritis in the future.

Katrin claimed in her legal action that her employers had been behaved in a negligent manner by not providing her with any safety training relating to how to load the lorry properly and that she was not made aware of any risks linked with the task she had been asked to perform.

Bereco Ltd accepted their liability for Katrin’s injuries after an investigation internally and a settlement was agreed out of court in which Bereco Ltd would pay Katrin €37,000 in palled accident compensation for her slip.

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