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Policeman Awarded 12,000 Pounds Police Officer Compensation

Posted: May 10th, 2011

A West Midlands policeman, who was injured in the process of apprehending a criminal, has been awarded 12,000 pounds in police officer injury compensation by a Birmingham Employment Tribunal.

Richard Gardner (50) from Birmingham, West Midlands, was struggling to arrest a suspect at the city’s Broad Street Station, when he fell to the ground – damaging his knee and back. Despite several operations and a protracted period of time away from the police force, he was unable to go on with his duties on his return to work, and was laid off.

After seeking legal advice, Mr Gardner sued the West Midlands Police Force for failing to provide back-up when called for during the arrest and for not making adjustments for his injuries after his return to work.

The police opposed the police officer injury compensation claim but, at the Birmingham Employment Tribunal, Mr Gardner was awarded 12,000 pounds in work injury rights compensation and a further 93 pounds for interest dating back to 2008.

Issues over future loss of earnings and lost pension contributions will be decided when the tribunal meets next in

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