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Five-Figure Compensation for Work Injuries

Posted: May 27th, 2016

The Circuit Civil Court has awarded a kitchen assistant a settlement of compensation for injuries  she sustained after slipping on wet leaves at her workplace.

The accident occurred at the Baltinglass Hospital on the 19th November 2012 when Ann Groves, a fifty-eight year-old kitchen assistant, was walking towards the rear entrance of her workplace. However, as she was walking, Anne slipped on a patch of wet leaves, which left her with injuries to her ankle. The swelling would not disappear when an ice pack was applied, and upon visiting her GP, Ann was diagnosed with soft tissue damage to her ankle.

However, despite the joint support provided to her by her doctor, Ann continued to experience pain. Her sleeping was interrupted and she found that she could neither stand nor walk for prolonged periods. Ann then went of courses of physiotherapy and acupuncture to try and lessen the pain, and in 2014 even had her spinal cord surgically stimulated. Though this did help alleviate the pain, it never went away.

Ann sought legal counsel and proceeded to make a claim for work injury compensation against the Health Service Executives, her employers. However, the HSE denied that they were liable for her injuries, claiming that there was an established cleaning system for the hospital grounds. Additionally, they argued that Ann’s lack of caution contributed to her own injury.

As liability was contested between the parties, Ann was issued with authorisation by the Injuries Board to pursue her claim in court. The case was heard in the Circuit Civil Court earlier this month by Judge Barry Hickson.

After hearing the evidence, Judge Hickson ruled in Ann’s favour. He dismissed the HSE’s allegations that she had been negligent after hearing a testimony from a maintenance engineer who stated that the maintenance team only started work after the kitchen staff, and as such would not have cleared the wet leaves. Ann was then awarded €25,879 in compensation for her work accident.

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