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Work Related Illnesses

Work-related illnesses can originate from working conditions in almost all occupations. Many work-related illnesses may be caused by working without suitable protection in environments dealing with chemicals and toxic substances, but some work-related illnesses can develop within the supposed relative safety of an office.

Whereas many dangerous occupations such as asbestos removal and mining will have health and safety inspectors on site all day, the reasons for work-related illnesses such as bursitis and repetitive strain injuries can frequently be overlooked. One of the worst work-related illnesses is stress, and this is an illness which often fails to be acknowledged in any industry.

Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment for their employees under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act. This obligation not only involves supplying protective clothes and masks where necessary – each job should have an individual risk assessment and consideration should be made for the suitability of each person employed to do it.

Thereafter, any employee needing assistance, training or any special requirements (for example, the young, the elderly and pregnant women) should be provided with appropriate tools and management support to enable them to perform their tasks safely. Where an employer fails to do so, employees are entitled to claim for compensation if they subsequently acquire work-related illnesses.

Claiming Compensation for Work-Related Illnesses

In all cases of work-related illnesses, it is recommended that you visit your doctor first. Many work-related illnesses have the potential to develop into life long health issues, and even if you are just feeling a little under the weather, whenever you feel that you may be developing a work-related illness it is always in your best interests to have a precautionary examination.

Once your doctor has diagnosed what your ailment is, if it is related to your occupation, you should consult a specialised personal injury claims solicitor about making a claim for work-related illnesses compensation. A solicitor will be able to guide you through all the necessary procedures and handle situations where an employer may fail to acknowledge his responsibility for your illness or instruct his insurance company to make an offer of early settlement for your work-related illnesses claim.

Because there are a number of scenarios where making a claim for work-related illnesses compensation is not straightforward, we have established a free advice telephone service. This service allows you to speak directly with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor and discuss your entitlement to claim compensation for work-related illnesses. We will also be able to offer helpful and practical advice in complete confidentiality and with no obligation on you to proceed with a claim.

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Many people who have used our service in the past have commented that they were initially apprehensive about making a claim for work-related illnesses compensation against their employer, but found our service to be helpful and discrete. We can guarantee to you that using a solicitor to make a work-related illnesses claim for compensation reduces the potential for an awkward workplace confrontation.

We will ask you to tell us how you acquired your work-related illness, how it was diagnosed and treated by your doctor and if you are still undergoing medical attention. We will need to know how your work-related illness has affected your quality of life, interaction with family and friends and future opportunities for employment. We would also like to know how you believe that your employer is responsible for your work-related illness.

We will make a preliminary assessment of your claim for work-related illness compensation and advise you whether there are grounds for a case which is worth your while pursuing. We shall also advise you how long your claim could take to process, the likelihood of your success and – wherever possible – give you an indication of the general level of compensation we would expect you to receive.

We tend to conclude each conversation by giving you a list of your options and suggesting further proposals. You are not under any obligation to act on any of our advice, and many of our clients have found that having a day or two to absorb the information we have given and discuss it with family and friends is preferable.

Should you wish to call us back and ask further questions that you have thought of, you are welcome to do so, but your first consideration should be to call our free advice line and determine that you are indeed entitled to make a claim for work-related illness compensation.

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