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Workplace Injury in Ireland

One of the things you may not consider when first entering an occupation is the rate of workplace injury. Ireland has seen dramatic improvements in its health and safety record over the past ten years, yet 43 people lost their lives as the result of a workplace injury in Ireland last year (2009), and there were 6707 instances of non-fatal workplace injury in Ireland reported to the Health and Safety Authority during the same period*. (*Excludes road traffic accidents where victims were driving in the course of their work and fatalities from occupational diseases.)

The construction and agriculture sectors of the economy still witness the highest rates of serious workplace injury in Ireland and, although these are declining, the commonest trigger of accidents leading to workplace injury in Ireland was “Loss of control of means of transport or handling equipment” – implying a fault in the equipment or lack of training on how to use it as much as human error. The most frequent causes of minor workplace injury in Ireland as reported by the Health and Safety Authority were manual handling injuries (26%) and slips or falls on a level surface (18%).

These figures indicate that there are still employers failing to provide safe environments in which to work despite the regulations laid down in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act. If you have suffered a workplace injury, Ireland´s laws provide a means for you to claim compensation for any physical or psychological trauma you may have experienced.

Compensation for Workplace Injury in Ireland

Compensation for workplace injury in Ireland is initially handled by the Injuries Board Ireland, who make an assessment for the level of compensation you are entitled to receive based on the severity of your workplace injury. Ireland has a “Book of Quantum” which lists a number of different physical injuries and suggests “appropriate” amounts of compensation to make up for the physical trauma and potential damage to your quality of life your injury has caused.

Should their assessment be acceptable to both you and your employer (who is responsible for payment of the workplace injury compensation), the matter is resolved. However, should the Injuries Board Ireland suggest an amount which either you or your employer contest, or be unable to make an assessment because your employer denies liability for your workplace accident, you should consult a specialist personal injury claims solicitor.

Indeed, it can be to your benefit to use the services of a solicitor from the very beginning of your application for workplace injury compensation. Solicitors will be familiar with the procedures, have a far better idea of the amount of compensation you should receive for your workplace injury (the “Book of Quantum” is six years out of date) and be able to represent you in any negotiations with your employer´s insurance company should they intervene with an offer of early settlement for your workplace injury.

There are many other benefits to using the services of a solicitor for your workplace injury. Ireland has a fair system to claim recompense for injuries you have sustained which were not wholly your fault, but with professional guidance you can ensure that the amount of compensation you receive is adequate for your needs. Therefore, we have established a free advice telephone service, which you are invited to call and have any questions you have regarding compensation for a workplace injury in Ireland answered by an experienced personal injury claims solicitor.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

One of the biggest factors that prevent people from claiming compensation for a workplace injury in Ireland is the concern that your action will result in a potentially awkward workplace confrontation or affect your future employment prospects. We will initially put your mind to rest that, by using a solicitor, none of this should happen.

We will ask you to tell us how your workplace injury occurred, whether it was through an accident in the work environment or something that was sustained over a long period of time. We would like to know what diagnosis your doctor has offered, what treatment he has administered and whether that treatment is ongoing.

We would also like to hear your opinion on why the workplace injury occurred, what measures should have been implemented to prevent it and why you hold your employer liable for your workplace injuries. If you are unsure about any of these points, it is not a problem – but the more information you give us, the more relevant advice we are able to offer you.

Wherever possible, we will try to ascertain if there is a case for workplace injury compensation which it is worth your while to pursue and, if so, will advise you how long your claim should take to process, the likelihood of your success and the general level of compensation we would anticipate you receive in respect of your workplace injury in Ireland.

You are under no obligation to act on any of the suggestions we make, and more than welcome to take a little time to absorb the advice we have offered you. However, please do not leave it too long to decide if you are proposing to proceed. There is a limit of two years between the “date of knowledge” of a workplace injury and being able to file a claim.

Often, these claims may take many months to prepare, so it is in your best interests to call our free advice line at the earliest possible opportunity to speak with an experienced solicitor about your workplace injuries in Ireland. Our lines are open on Workplace Injury Ireland from 8.00am to 10.00pm and if it is not a suitable time for you to call right now, please leave your contact details in the call-back box below and one of our professional and dedicated team with give you a call back when it is more convenient.

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